Thursday, November 27, 2008

Building My 1st Group 2 Mower

By Ben Haddy
(ps, the layout is a bit poor due to the limitations of this publishing software!)
Definition of a Group 2 Mower;
Group 2 is for roller driven mowers of the cylinder type, Atco or Webb, we often see used on Sunday afternoons preparing cricket pitches and lawns around Villages and Hamlets. The addition of a towed seat and the preparation for racing allows them to be used by the less sedate members of the community for a pastime with a huge social background but no lesser sense of belonging. Preparing a mower from scratch involves a lot of work but this can be made so worthwhile when used to pump your adrenaline to the maximum.

After seeing Lawn Mower Racing on the tv i had always fancied having a go as it looked
great fun.
After a couple years i decided to get into it, we started small scale, simply gearing up a standard tractor to make it do a very hair raising 30 mph.
It turns out its not quite that simple. With thanks to a couple of guys i met along the way, i was able to try it out o
n a proper machine at the end of season 6 hour at Nottingham hosted by the
The official Home of Lawn Mower Racing is the BLMRA

Upon seeing these Group 2 machines I instantly wanted to get stuck in and build my own.

Here are some latest Pics

The Basics

the frame for the engine and auxillary components,
and the roller will have a moto x tyre screwed to it for traction.

The layshaft

its had to be extended for the final drive,
the complicated end (right) was the original shaft
holding the clutch from the
CB250n (superdream) motorbike.

The Clutch

This was a wet clutch when it was in the bike,
but they are commonly used on these
machines and are quite happy running dry.

The awkward part was getting the
welded shaft to run true!

Its all starting to come together now!

Getting there now!

And worked off a sunday hangover making the trailer!

All i need now, is the last few bits, like stirups, sprokets and a tin of paint. Oh and a seat may help!

now awaiting the start of the next season!!